• Role: User Experience Architect
  • Company: Saviance Technologies
  • University/Institution: National Institute of Design


Raman is an architect and information designer with varied experience in design practice.

He finds his motivation in resolving information-related challenges on the web, print and physical spaces. Of late, his work has been primarily focused on user experience. Interested in domains like wayfinding, city planning and information architecture; he has worked on a diverse range of design problems including streetscapes, software enterprise applications and mobile interfaces. He strongly believes in the importance of clear & legible information which makes life easier for the intended audience.

He has been part of design teams at Honeywell, Design For Use and Fiserv India. Previously, Raman has written on wayfinding strategy, expert & novice behavior in software applications and usage of SMS. He has been a part of Sign 09, Vienna and also presented twice at USID proceedings. He holds a Bachelors in Architecture from Sushant School and is a post graduate in Information Design from National Institute of Design.