• Role: User Experience Designer
  • Company: Shristi Labs
  • University/Institution: IIT Bombay


Arnab Chakravarty is a User Experience and Innovation Specialist at Srishti Labs, a Design Consultancy which focuses on collaborating with companies during the early phase of innovation using design thinking to effectively navigate the breadth of new users, value propositions and business models in high growth markets like India.

Arnab Chakravarty is an Interaction Designer who graduated from Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay. Prior to that, He finished his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Ahmedabad. He has worked on numerous projects in multi-disciplinary teams throughout India, including building interactive installations in Auroville, simplifying Home Computing for Indian Families, creating videos to educate Truck Drivers in India about HIV AIDS and designing new cooling solutions for Samsung, Korea and has had his work featured in Design Magazines like Kyoorius and has also published papers in international journals like ACM and CHI.

He is passionate about applying user-centered design methodologies and adopting an interdisciplinary approach towards creating new products, services or future scenarios unique to emerging markets.