• Role: Founder and CEO
  • Company: Dhama Innovations Pvt. Ltd
  • University/Institution: MIT Cambridge


Kranthi Kiran Vistakula is the founder and CEO of the technology venture Dhama Innovations Pvt. Ltd. Kranthi is the innovator of the breakthrough ClimaCon technology, that went on to secure a patent and win numerous international awards and accolades right. ClimaCon is a unique technology incorporating novel heat transport mechanisms that can be readily embedded into apparel, accessories, products and systems to provide heating/cooling on demand.

As the CEO of Dhama Apparel Innovations Pvt. Ltd, Kranthi is the company\'s spearhead for innovation, strategy formulation, business and product development. Kranthi is also instrumental in building into the organization a culture of innovation, creativity, leadership and teamwork. Kranthi has also been the Co-Founder and Co-Managing Director of Intact Labs, Cambridge.

In the capacity of this position, he was the Co-Principal Investigator leading a research team in a NASA project to create a mechanism to generate electricity using proteins for space applications. Kranthi pursued his Masters degree in \'Mechanical Engineering and Technology Policy Program\' at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, after having completed B.Tech in Biomedical Engineering from the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad.