Nanki Nath

  • Role: Professor
  • Company: IDC, IIT Bombay
  • University/Institution: National Institute of Design


In this regard, her doctoral research aims to unravel the transitions in shop signs and their designs, across selected cities and time-periods of India. Her career interest is in Academics (full-time Teaching). For the same, she got the opportunity at IDC, IIT Bombay in form of \'Invited Talks\' for the current Junior Visual Communication students (2013 batch); conducted in August 2013. Link to her doctoral research: Link to her publications: Specialties: Signage Design (special interest in the visual design of Shop Signs, that is the current area of research for the ongoing doctoral studies) Other: Design Content Development (Research-oriented) Interests in Designing: + Signage Design + Logo Design + Poster Design + Digital Illustrations + 3D Installations + Passionate about Photography + Loves Typography (more of a typo enthusiast)